PowerPop Art Prints

PowerPop Art Prints is what I term one of my current art pursuits. They are drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then printed on 13" X 19" semi-gloss poster paper. You will notice once again my use of bright, bold colors - love them!

All of these started initially as quick sketches I did in notebooks or on scraps of paper or whatever was handy. They are meant to be simple, easily recognizable icons that can branch out into many variations, such as Shockwaves, Stare, and HappyHead!

I enjoy the Pop Art of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and I think my PowerPop Art Prints fall into this art category.

Please contact me (opens email browser to Monty@MontyMilne.com) if you would like to discuss purchasing or licensing any of my PowerPop Art Prints. And, remember you can buy copies at my online art store (opens new browser window).

Click on artwork's title for enlarged view and details.